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We artists of REAL would love to hear your response to the following question:
What do you think will

Our aim for Rare Earth is to create an immersive space which offers the audience a moment to collectively pause, reflect and imagine alternative futures! The responses we receive will be included in an audio loop for our Rare Earth exhibition.


It is not onerous to be involved. All we would like you to do is record a short voice message response (instructions below) and send it to us. Contact

If English is a second language, please use your native language. If you can speak more than one language please consider sending more than one message.

To record:

  • Find a quiet room and open the voice memo app on your smartphone.
  • If you don’t have one installed, search for a voice memo app in your app store.
  • Hold the phone’s microphone (located at the base of the phone) a few centimetres from your mouth.
  • Press the red ‘record’ button and share your thoughts.
  • Keep it brief — between 5 and 30 seconds is best.
  • Once you’re finished, hit the record button again or the ‘stop’ to stop recording
  • If you’re unhappy with what you’ve recorded, just re-do it.
  • When you’ve got your recording please Contact us.
  • You may respond with a different message as many time as you like.

Consent & Recording Release

If you respond to this request you are agreeing to:

  • I agree to participate in the project conducted and recorded by REAL.
  • I understand and consent to the use and release of the recording of my voice by REAL and that my name will not be used for any purpose other than this consent.
  • I relinquish any rights to the recording and understand the recording may be copied and used by REAL without remuneration or further permission.
  • I understand that the REAL is under no obligation to use my recording.
  • I understand that participation in the Rare Earth Project is voluntary and I agree to immediately raise any concerns or areas of discomfort with the REAL
  • By sending us a response indicates that you have read and you understand the information it contains and you have sort answers that any questions you might have.

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate your participation and look forward sharing Rare Earth with you.